by Joe Reese

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I’m the tree in the forest that fell without a sound,
’cause no one was around.
I’m the letters lovers write in the middle of the night
and never send.
I’m the prayers, spoken and unspoken unto false gods who don’t exist.
I’m every time you pass me by and don’t say hi.

I’m the wish that never came true. I was wished upon a star as it fell
from the sleepless nights filled with worry that only made you tired through the day.
I’m what you never knew that never hurt you, when really I did, hurt you.
I’m every time that you say never and I’m always and forever with you.

I am I AM. I am I AM.

The giver. The giver and I take away.
I am the beginning. The beginning and the end…

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