I Am

by drumfish

Genre: Rock


i am the part of me that waits for the chance of a lifetime
and believes in the promise of what’s yet to come
i may not have clarity but i hold the belief
that if i hold down the frequency i’ll bring it to be

i’ve never been
one to take the hand;
its’ lead to where it flows
the forces of supply and demand
extend to subtler realms than i supposed

i am not wasted
(i am not wasted for you)
i am alright
(that you can not believe)
i am not hoping
(i am not hoping against hope)
i am alright

i am the part of me that climbs higher and high,
balance the forces around me and the forces within

feeling like i’m falling from the space in the clouds
to the dirt in ground thats the place where i’ve been

i’ve never been
one to take the hand
or to be led anywhere
its the force within breaking through the lines
flooding light everywhere


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