I Do (The Wedding Song)

by J.Lutes

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I’ll never trade this memory for anything
I wanna hold this moment in my mind
There’s a flower in your hair
There’s a feeling in the air
There’s not a cloud up in the sky
Walk to the music
And say the lines
You rehearsed a thousand times

And I do
For rich and for poor
And I do
For better or worse
And I vow today
That even when we’re old and grey
Darling, I will love you anyway

We haven’t always made it through the easy way
But we always get there in the end
I wanna build a home with you
Maybe have a little one or two
I wanna hold tomorrow in my hands
I might lean on you
When things get bad
Will you take me as I am


And if I ask you
What will you say
Will you marry me today

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