I don’t love you at all

by Louis Gentile

Genre: Pop


I don’t love you at all

Well I don’t love you at all,
Can’t say that I ever did
Who am I trying to kid
Didn’t man to lead you down this road of hopelessness

But I don’t love you at all
I tried to tell you so many times
The only thing on your mind
Was to stay with me forever and a day

Well I could never say that I hate you
Not after all we’ve been through
But please don’t expect me to say I love you
It’s just not true, no it’s just not true
I’m so sorry, please don’t make me say it again

It’s not as if I didn’t have feelings for you
Just not the way that you wanted me to
I gave all I had, I tried to stay strong
But I knew in the end it would go wrong
So wrong … so wrong

But I don’t love you at all
I know that it’s hard to hear
But before you shed a tear
You deserve to have every bit of the love that you need to have

But you’ll never get it from me
I also want what you want, just not with you
How many times have I tried to tell you,
You wouldn’t listen to me!

And so we ended up in this stupid game
Going absolutely nowhere
And every day you expected to hear I love you!
And it just wasn’t true, I still said it to you …
I’m so sorry …
Now there’s nothing left to say

Composed February 2016
Text and Music Louis Gentile

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