I Recall

by Oria Blue

Genre: Folk/Acoustic



I recall when childhood schoolrooms were safer, and

I recall non-fiction grownups seemed nicer and real!

My imagination shadows reality today.

What’s the matter?!

Mommy REALLY never liked you, so?

Where’s your pride?

Does Daddy’s absence serve to make you disappear?

How’ve you managed to survive

Just by acting this fake?!

We’re from the age of blinding, intense, power play sex-pec-ta-tion,
Where isolation is served with a judgmental twisted lie.

When only downcast eyes get to pray for some hard earned, self-righteous
Vengeful Abnegation,

When will we dare admit,

“Where is Love”?!

Sometimes I think it doesn’t matter anymore!

Apocalypse: inner revelation

Millennium: new world celebration

If I choose to love myself, then surely heaven will, too.

If he’s suicidal, why are we condemning his truth!?

Set the killers free by saying, “I feel sorry, yeah- I feel so sorry for you!”

Emergent age of wide-open, free-will, honest declaration,

Where true communication ceases to resist the heart (nor deny what’s there!)

When all responsible eyes look inside for the Truth;

This is only One hard-earned, inner acceptance Revelation;

This is Love!

Because the truth remains intact beyond all fear.

New Millennium is near –

No apocalypse but fear.

Happy New Year;

Love lives Here.

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