I See Right Through You

by Giasone Italiano

Genre: Rock


I See Right through you

(Verse 1)
He gives the finger to the bleeding hearts
He doesn’t care about his nasty reputation
He smiles and laughs as it falls apart
He has to deal with one resentful nation

(Chorus )
I see the mud doesn’t sticks to you
Destroying lives is what you do
The lies you tell they’re nothing new
Give it up buddy (baby) I see right through you

(Verse 2)
She’s stepped on many hearts
She doesn’t care about her nasty reputation
She uses sex to get what she wants
She’s the cause of many men’s frustrations

Round and Round the lies you go
You do it all so well
You’re never sorry for what you do
There a special place in hell for you.

(Verse 3)
He’ll always cheat and steal
Does what he can to close the deal
It’s all about the bottom line
He’s a dollar sign minus feel

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