I See You

by David Higginbotham

Genre: Pop


I wake up every morning, in my lonely room, and everwhere I look, I See You. I sit down to read the paper, and on the front page news, I don’t see the headlines, I See You.

And on my way to work Lord, I turn on the radio. I don’t hear what they’re saying, I hear you. You’re up on every billboard. Oh what am I supposed to do? I look in the rear view mirror, and I See You.

I See You, but you’re not looking back at me. Guess it’s true, that what we had is gone and you’ve moved on. Now all that’s left are my memories.

So before I go to sleep I, say an urgent prayer, that in my dreams tonight, I’ll see you there. And then I hug my pillow, just to ease the blues and when I close my eyes, I See You.

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