I’ll Wait

by Lindsey Rayl

Genre: Pop


Cause I’ll take some time to love you
if you’ll take some time for me
I can’t come right out and tell you
how I feel or what I think
I just keep my thoughts where they belong
locked up inside my brain
and I wait.
Well I’ll wait for you

When you took me by the heart
Didn’t know where I should start
Didn’t have to get to know you
Cause you showed me what to do
and woah I’ll wait for you
and I’ll just have to see
if you’ll wait for me too

I can’t whisper that I love you
Don’t know how to make my move
But one day I’ll call you baby
and that day may come real soon
but until that lucky
I’ll just stay here close by your side
and I’ll wait
Well I’ll wait for you


I’m scared I don’t know what to do
Cause I’m scared that you won’t love me too
Why can’t you just
be the brave one
we both know that you want to

Chorus X2
and woah I’ll wait for you

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