I’m Fighting

by Lyn Sawicki

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Friends ask me how I’ve been
and then they go their way
if they stayed to hear my answer
this is what I’d say

I’m fighting to be open
I am fighting to be free
and to be a better friend to you
than you are to me
I’m unleashing my demons
and all of their negativity
and they’re coming at me one by one
they want to cage the best of me
they don’t want me to be free

People pass judgement
and then they move along
leave me trying not to play the victim
even though they think I’m wrong

I’m fighting my own battle
over my own self
I am fighting not to run away
or depend on someone else
and I am fighting for self control
so this rage won’t poison me
and for the courage to be able to
give and receive
and to be free

Someday someone will ask me
is there something I can do
you can try and be a better friend to me
than I am to you
and you can fight for your freedom

I’m fighting for hope and joy
and for our humanity
it’s not easy but I can’t let these demons
get the best of me
we’ve been letting them have their way
and now our world is driven down to its knees
and that is why I’ve got to win
this war inside of me
this war inside of me…

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