In My Dreams

by Mike Hyden

Genre: Pop



Many people passed my way today
Funny I just remember one
She smiled at me and I didn’t know what to say
I knew my life had just begun

But then it came to me, it was so hard to see
There wasn’t anyone at all
She only came to me by way of reverie
I only dreamt the girl I saw

CHORUS: But I think maybe it all isn’t real
For life’s not always as it seems
I wish that I could live these things that I feel
They only happen in my dreams

I always knew that I would be the President
Or someday write a top-ten song
Or find a wife that I believed was heaven-sent
But somehow it all turned out wrong

Repeat Chorus

BRIDGE: And I’ve often wondered
If I passed away today
Would the world even miss me
I guess not, I’ve dreamt my life away

And now it’s hard for me to find reality
I fear it might be ever gone
Most every part of me is filled with fantasy
I doubt I ever wrote this song

Repeat Chorus

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