by Jay T. Edmondson, Lee T. Edmondson

Genre: Pop



When I get that feeling, and it’s burning up inside,
I point my hands up at the ceiling, and I feel like I can fly,
maybe finally I can smile, smile, smile,
maybe finally I can smile, smile, smile.

Verse 1 (illucid)

Already told you twice, remember when you roll the dice
all night keep it all on ice, but it’s all despite,
it’s all right when I hold the mic all night, keep it all on ice.
Now I feel I’m on the right track, even when I’m one-track minded,
you like that, thinking bout the light that blinded.
The time that we spent, all our life that grinded.
It’s all lined up now, it’s just how we timed it.
The rhyme is the reason, the sign of the seasons changing.
We keep on the beat we making.
Mistaken sometimes, when making up rhymes,
we making sunshine, you know it’s taken sometime.
Some kind of brand new approach to dopeness
and if it don’t float then I hope you quote this:
“You still got hope when life seems hopless.
Let myself smile, put my life in focus”

Verse 2 (J Thorn)

Well you can ask me how I feel,
“I’m all good, I’m all right”.
This is where I wanna be,
“I’m all good, I’m all right”.
Sun shinin bright like it’s angry with night,
in a mood like a kid in a gun fight,
excited with new life.
On a path for a spot, where it’s cold and it’s hot,
where there’s ups and there’s downs, and it happens a lot.
You gotta keep your guard up but don’t cut me out,
with your isolation or the inspiration I’ve been feelin gets knocked,
we get hurt and no doubt, when we drop off the earth,
we should do it with no help.
I don’t want you to miss it when life gets so omissive,
when it’s painful I take it and make it my own and deal with it,
cause the days that I feel it I love it and wanna live it,
and it pays when I let it just go and don’t interfere with it.


Scratch Bridge


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