Into You

by Adam Rosenberg

Genre: Pop


You take my breath, you take my heart, you take my soul
You take my sense, leaving me senseless, take my self control
You take what’s north and east and west and make it south
You take what’s in me, hold it up and turn it inside out

You take my temperature and tell me I’m on fire
You take my apathy and turn it into pure desire
You take the icing on the cake and eat it too
And with a whisper you take me into you

You’ll make the decades that we spend go by like hours
You take what’s yours, you take what’s mine and then you make it ours
You take these two distinctive souls and make them one
You take what’s way too tough to deal with and you make it fun


So take my word for it, I’ll love you ‘till the end
I’m taken with you over and over and over again
I’ll take it easy, take it slow and take my time
Because you take what’s dull in me and then you make it shine


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