by Donovan Tucker

Genre: Americana/Country



You’re looking good tonite
You ask me for a dance
I’m sweatin’ like a guilty guy
On the witness stand


I know that I’m in trouble
I let you stand too close
My knees begin to buckle
The next thing that I l know

I’m intoxicated , It ain’t complicated
I haven’t had a thing to drink
But one kiss from you and I’m
Intoxicated , I wanna celebrate it
I’m walkin’ tall , but on the brink
Of fallin hard for you – Intoxicated

I may be in over my head
With a girl like you
I might be better off instead
Just facing the truth


To try and find an exit
Before my pride gets lost
But you can cloud my judgement
Like a whiskey on the rocks


Maybe it’s the fragrance that you wear
Or your eyes that captivate me
Forgive me if I stare


© 2012 Donovan Tucker B.M.I.

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