Invisible Man

by Eric Christensen

Genre: Rock


The Invisible Man
© 2009 Highland Road Music

I, I dreamed of you, and I –
I dreamed you took me by the hand
There must have been a grain of truth there somewhere
If it was but a single grain of sand

In my dream my heart is full of violence
I hold a glistening dagger in my hand
Then you step out and scream into the silence
And I see the face
of an Invisible Man

I wish I knew where it was going
All the never ending games and the witness stands
Marbled hallways, sycophantic faces glowing
Lined up with rolls of twenties in their hands

But in my dream the world seems much less crowded
I just might find myself a place to stand
And you point up the mountain top and shout it
And I see the face
of an Invisible Man

Sometimes I see the seeds you sow
Sometimes they tangle as they grow
The daily dramas of the damned
Hide all the little grains of sand

But in my dream I meet the quiet Angels
Who wander in the darkest night
Whispering words that widows write
On the backs of cards they send to long lost friends.

And I see one angel rise and one descending
I see the face
of an Invisible Man

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