Is it just me

by danieljmorrow

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


I have been a shadow from the age of barely one,

hiding from the unbearable light of being no-one

Trying to use the night as a way to find some joy

All the while the light is shining on the worthless boy

Though I want for nothing but the sun’s clearest rays

I don’t want a “nothing” to pervade my days,

Time to step into the grey

And find a way out of this life-long lull that leaves me lacking

And the time for how is now,

Rip my arms off to save you, won’t save me up for love or money

Can’t stand sitting outside the waiting room for the dead

Watching all my insides going over my head

Trying to fight it off now with a desperate last plea

Did it get too hard in here or is it just me

Is it just me or do others turn their shadows into fears (when their shadows interferes)
Cos I don’t know what I learned when my head and my ears, been at each other’s throats for years…
…to find their own way out of this life-long lull that leaves my lacking and the question now is how,

rip my heart out to save you (or) to blame you

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