Isle of Regret

by J. Patrick Sharpe

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Saying goodbye is never easy
But you know my intentions were true
I just had an elaborate system
For working my way back to you

First it was my education
It’s not surprising I dove in headfirst
And all the homework assignments that they gave me
Made our fighting progressively worse

(Ch) I got lost on a sea of conviction
Ended up on the Isle of Regret
And with miles of ocean in between us
I’m finding you hard to forget

Next it was working for peanuts
With a record for getting no rest
I was looking for constant promotion
Just to pay off my credit card debts (Ch)

Well I wanted to be a folk singer
And you said that I better not dare
But I bought me a ticket to Europe
Because they love all my songs over there (Ch)

I never did make it to Europe
You know the pilot did all that he could
So I’m sending this message in a bottle
And I’m hoping it’s well understood (Ch)

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