It’s that Easy

by Jonathan Ditto

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


If you close the door
then the light can’t
shine(or find its way) on in

Open the that door 
and let the sun shine be your friend
At your heavenly gate
is a  brand new day 
Lift up your head 
its that easy as they say
To change your mind
on how to live this day
(today or this way)
in a brand new way? 
Shine Easy , Shine Easy,
its that easy
to shine (easy)
(in your heart and in your mind)
Life can be such a heavy load
Sometimes happy
sometimes cold
Now and then you might get a little low
But thats not the way to go .

Do my best
to keep up with the time
Change those dark (sad)
get out my mind

Step on out
to better horizon
stand up now get your shine
on( along)
Shine Easy, Shine Easy ,
Its that easy , to shine (easy)

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