Jessie Brown

by T. Edwin Doss

Genre: Americana/Country


Key of B…Capo 4Th fret Jesse Brown Lyrics/ T. Edwin Doss
He was standing on the corner no shoes on his feet
C Ninety-five degrees in the Birmingham heat
D G But he don’t feel a thing…. feelings don’t live in his mind
G Once he had the world on a yo-yo string
C Played guitar, wrote songs he would sing
D G Made you think about things you lost. …you may want to find He toured big cities, honky-tonks and bars We knew for sure he was shooting for the stars But he strayed too far down an alley off Fifth and Main He saw a G.I. buddy in brand new Jag Sellin’ some stuff in a zip-lock bag Where he fell into the arms and the curse of powder cocaine
C Jesse Brown you couldn’t resist
G……….F#…………..Em The spider in white.. her very first kiss
C D When you mixed in booze her web was holding your breath

Jesse Brown I tried to pull you away
G…………F# …………Em When I saw you on a park bench sleepin’ every day
Am………………….B………………..C Wondered why you drugged with the devil ..danced with
D Em D death…….. I wanted to cry, I wanted to shout
C D You never let me know what your pain was about
Am…….B,…….C D At night I pray for you when I lay my body down:
Am D G I pray, “Lord, please have mercy on Jesse Brown” I was bracin’ the worse.. bad news travels fast Jesse found dead the day before last Off highway seventy-eight , ‘swingin from a sycamore tree Was a suicide note stuffed down in his shirt, Said, “Bury me here in the Alabama dirt Sing my songs, don’t cry no more for me I was wonderin’ if we could have done a little bit more As the preacher was praying Jesse’s coffin was lowered I wondered why I came back to this one-horse town Read the words on his tombstone under his name About the time a thunder storm came ….they read, “Lord, please have mercy on Jesse Brown” Chorus

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