Jesus Was a Democrat

by John Pittorino/Yankee Jack

Genre: Americana/Country


Jesus Was a Democrat

I’ve been thinking hard of where I’ve been
Have I been a good American
Did I walk the path my father took
Did I read and learn from God’s great book

Did I pass on trouble to my seed
Or did I leave behind me what they need
To grow and build this country strong
God send a sign to guide us on

Send someone that we can trust
That won’t lie to us or fillabust
Send a woman send a man
but don’t send a Republican

Democrats are what we need
They’ll save the world and vote tor weed
they’ll feed the poor and they’ll tax the fat
Jesus Was a Democrat

Some folks ask me where I’ve gone
I said, I’ve must have got my party wrong
I’m all through with sour grapes
With biased views and “Legitamate Rapes”

Can’t you see yje country’s cahanged
It’s not destroyed it’s just rearranged
the view was blurred from where I sat
Now I am a Democrat

Demorcrats are nicer folks
they have prettier girls and better jokes
I think Romney was a spoiled brat
Jesus was a democrat

So change our water into wine
and smite our foes from time to time
Part the seas and clear the skies
and we can watch it through our childrens eyes

You gave us someone we can trust
that won’t lie to us or fillabust
I feel better knowing that
Jesus was a Democrat

Democrats will give us peace
and they’ll give this world a longer lease
I think Rush Limbar was an evil rat
Jesus was a Democrat

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