John and Marianne

by Mike Amabile

Genre: Country


John and Maryanne lived in an East Texas town
They earned their daily wages before the hot sun hit the ground
They shared an old rundown single-shack apartment bedroom
And in the spring they’d watch the window when the blue bonnets bloomed

And they were happy as could be and the birds would sing
When Johnny talked about buying that golden wedding ring
And Maryanne would smile when she walked through the door
And she’d do a little dance across the living room floor
…. And it was love, love forevermore

One day Johnny was home while Maryanne was at the shop
He heard a noise from the dresser drawer and it just wouldn’t stop
When he swung open the drawer he couldn’t believe his own eyes
It was a watch made for a man but it wasn’t his size

Next to the shiny watch laid a half empty bottle of booze
So he tilted back the handle like he had nothing left to lose
And he thought about his life and how he loved his Maryanne
And the whiskey flowed through his blood; into his heart it ran
……..and he was, yeah he was a sorrowed man

It wasn’t long before Johnny knew just what to do
He took up a rusty razor and carved his wrist though and through
When he fell to the floor he brought the bureau down with him
and he saw the home made birthday card as the lights were getting dim

He crawled for the card and read out loud what it said
He slapped his bloody hand upside his own foolish head
It said John I hope this watch will help keep our love light bright
We got to get it to the jeweler so we can make it just fit right
………….and the world faded out of sight

When Maryanne came walking in, she saw the bloody mess
She threw down her bag and put her hand upon Johnny’s chest
She looked for signs of life but John was too far gone
She picked up the varnished birthday card that she had written on

She went through the mess and came across Johnny’s gun
She looked up to the heavens and said my God what have I done
And when the bullet left the chamber there was no sorrow anymore
She let out a little smile as her body hit the floor
…………..and it was love, love forevermore………..Forever More

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