John Pau’s Gift

by Andreas Jordan

Genre: Folk


John Paul’s gift

Little white houses surrounding is green
Windows reflecting the light of the sun
Sparkling waters that run to the sea –
It all seems so silent and lovely to me

Morning bell rings and the kids coming in
Hunting for chocolate, milk or some tea
There’s a big laughter they all look so funny
Running for life, happy to be

Red curled hair mixed up with green eyes
Tiny little fingers holding the mugs
Smiles in their faces, poohs in their panties
Waiting for daddy to carrying them up

And then mom reaches the kindergarden
Sad broken eyes, wee smile on her lips
There’s less hope and power for starting
A lucky new life with that belt on her hips

When sun sets down the black man is back
With all that promises, charmings and speeches
Warm bed is calling and a kiss on her neck
Starts breaking the rules again
That’ll burn, cause when the night is over there’s no return
That’ll burn, cause when the night is over there’s no return

Morning comes, breakfast is ready
For unwanted gifts that John Paul had send
Playground is calling – no kiss from daddy
And no chance to bring this nightmare to an end

Little white houses, surrounding is green…

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