Journey to Forty Acres, and A Mule Named Melody

by Nonso Christian Ugbode

Genre: Folk


I was hanging by the river side
(Not by myself, not by myself)
Chillin’ with my friends
And he caught me by the river side
(River side, water flowing high, my my)
Bound to send me on a trip, a journey
Don’t know where, don’t know where
You speak such strange words to me
(This is the King’s English you must speak it)
Shall I go bring my family?
Shall I go bring my friends?
Or is this trip not for them?
Why me?…

And you plunged me down in darkness then
(Darkness, take ’em away)
You took my far away…
Took me years to get there
Now here I am on your big land
Can you tell me why you had to take me so damn far,
I could have done your work for free
Just tell me
You’re gonna take me back some day O!
Some day O!

Why must I be here on your plantation?
(Quitin’ time! It’s quitin’ time! It’s quitin’ time!)
Why must I be here for your celebration of those big ‘ol rights you’ve got?
Those big ‘ol,
Shops you got
(Why won’t you take my money, I work as hard as you?)
I was waiting for the melody
But it ran away and left me here
(No forty acres gonna soothe my mind it’s gonna take more than that)
You found me all alone instead
(Take my dime, take my life, O I’m running out of time…)
(Swing by Jesus come down and save me…)
(O I hope I’m gonna wade in the water tonight)
(My dear lord is waiting on the other side)
(If I prayed on Sunday would you save me Lord)

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