by Paul Hanna

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


mama told me to go outside
go run and play and hide
i kissed her kissed her byebye

not a cloud a cloud i see
everyone wating out for me
its half, half past three
where we going to be

one says to the left the other to the right
the group splits up you see
some go through the town the others go around
were racing for the sea

church bells ringing in the streets
flowers fresh food to eat
maidens wearing their sunday best
people at work no rest

were almost to the end catching up to my friend
hes the fastest one you see
a lot is going down busy busy is the town
its the safest place to be

The race is closing in.. Rumbling tumbling.
Can Kiki win, his chances are very thin.

princess the dog dont lie
i stopped to hear her cry
terror lurked inside her eyes
suddenly a burst of cries

Crash went this crash went that
what once stood tall went flat
chaos in the streets very messy not neat
earths heart began to beat

There goes the shanty town.. rumbling tumbling down
Can the people win, their chances are very thin…

day 1 underground no good, no water, so dark no food
princess and me alone, momy please take me home!

day 2 day 3 just me
dry tears pouring out from me
min by min time standing still
how long until…..

They find me
they rescue me

the next few days were full of weight, trying to keep my mind straight
death using misery as bait, will it be to late?
what is that i hear, lights starting to appear
my freedom is so near
we get to play again, oh send my mama in, thank you for this Blessing

the first signs of life i see
so many people surrounding me
my dream a reality
their is a God you see…..

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