Killing Jar

by Adrian James

Genre: Rock


Just let me carry this for a while
I guess I’m accustomed to it
Just let me walk with this weight a mile
Until I can trust You–until I can trust

But every time as I catch the light
I put it in this till it dies

Then I’ll fill it with this pain
I’ll fill it with this stone
I’ll fill it with this stain
Until You wash it away

I’ll fill it with this weight
I’ll fill it with this strange
I’ll fill it with this malaise
Until You wash this away
Wash this all away

Just let me bury this deep inside
To face these fears another day
And You will never find where I hide
But sometimes You try

Maybe this time as I’m reaching for the stars
I’ll cut some breathing holes in this heart

Let me tarry here
Just hesitate
Can I catch my breath or I’ll suffocate

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