Last Train Home

by Mike Nash

Genre: Rock


The city lights are as bright as day
Happy music playing all around me
Everybody has a smiling face
All they really want to do is ground me
Precious minutes are ticking away
This may be my only chance of leaving
I’m gonna do whatever it takes
To get to somebody that I believe in
This city’s pretty, but it’s cold as stone
I’ve got to make it by the last train home
Don’t want to spend the night on my own
I’ve got to make it by the last train home
I’ve no idea what I came here for
I thought I had to have my independence
All the time that I was here alone
Feels to me like a long cruel sentence
Now I know I need to be with you
Though I’m afraid of your harsh rejection
Still I’m asking, can we start again
I want to live in your love’s protection
Time is short, but I know that I can make it
Not far now, nothing’s gonna make me change my mind

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