Late Night Nancy

by Steve Brockley

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Well the day that me and miss Nancy met
she wore a red dress, smoked a cigarette
she was gettin’ high and drinkin’ Jack
had a gun in her hand hid behind her back

she didn’t need to say her name
when I heard her voice and I saw her face
with a pretty smile and a tongue like sin
I new I’d met my love or met my end

Well she was concieved in a deep dark spell
when the Pearly Gates fought the pits of Hell
the legions warred and the battles raged
and Jesus Christ met Jimmy Page

finally a truce was formed
and baby Late Night Nancy was born
with the Devil below and the Lord above
she learned to cheat, steal, forgive, and love

Nancy won’t you be my bride
be the angel by my side
be my sinner every night
give me sight
and rob me blind

Nancy save my soul
sell it at the crossing roads
take some cash to church today
take the rest and gamble it away

Well I showed up at her house one day
I brought a rose, she let me stay
with burnt-out lights and chandeliers
expensive wines, and dollar beers

Nancy she was lookin’ fine
but drank so hard we both went blind
I told her how I loved her so
she kissed m on the lips and sent me home


well Nancy she won’t be my bride
I dream about her every night
she dresses in black the day we wed
and our wedding night, ties me to the bed
but dreams won’t keep my heart from breakin’
I can’t eat I’m losin’ weight
I’m feelin’ weak, I’m short of breath
it won’t be long ’till I’ve got nothin’ left


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