Lawn Dart Generation Blues

by Dennis John Dreher

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I bet your wondering what I’m thinking of
a song about lawn darts and all the fun.
in these days of helmets, masks and rubber gloves, I thought id reminisce about the things we loved.
it’s the lawn dart blues
I’ll never forget the day my dad came home
those shinny metal tips we were just waiting to throw
it’s those lawn dart blues
we’d throw at the target and wouldn’t you know, one would always end up in someone’s toe
lawn dart blues again.
we’d toss another while no one was looking, and ran as fast as we could before we got a whopping
lawn dart blues.
we wore the scars like a badge of honor the
one with the most would sure be a goner
those lawn dart blues
lawn darts, click clacks and are long gone no matter what you say the 70s were the bomb
those lawn dart blues
now I know what you’re thinking I’m not politically correct. But you can’t take back the fun we had just give us a little respect

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