by Paul Hanna

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Here’s your story. A story about a leaf. Here’s your story. A story about a leaf.

That day a leaf fell down. And it feel on me.
Then came the leaf that feel. It feel on me.

Then, then it said. It, said to me. I need to find what i have lost, a long long time ago. I need to find what I have lost, a long time ago.

I told him you can go anywhere, anywhere you want. He smiled and shook my hand. And spun around so fast, I didn’t even see him go. I didn’t even see him go…

Tip Toe behind that leaf, to see where he was going too. It seemed that he knew what he wanted…(x3)

When he found what he was looking for, he gave out a little call. Right then i saw her wake, her ears opened up and he said.

Will you come away with me, I have a nice place to stay in my tree, I will take care of you, you can take care of me, together we can make a leaf family…

Her eyes were stuck on him, stuck on him so stuck.
It didn’t take time before, she floated down….


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