by Peter Vun Chen & Dave Smith

Genre: Pop


I don’t want to see you now
Got a lot of stuff to do and I
Need some time on my own

Don’t you know my car’s a mess
Stack of bills I need to pay and then
I’ll catch the late, late show

I don’t want you thinking
That I’m lost when you’re not around
Or that one kiss can break me down

I only play this game of solitaire
To act as if I don’t care
I tell my friends I’m not in love with you
They just smile – I’ve never been a liar

Almost time to watch the game
Better check my e-mail just in case
Might have a message waiting

Down by five; it’s fourth and goal
But I’m busy looking for my phone
Thought I heard it ringin’

Don’t know what I’m thinking
Doing nothing when you’re not around
I should call you and break it down


I don’t miss you
I don’t need you
I won’t let it show
(No, no, no….)


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