Lie To You

by J. Culture (Justin Cepeda)

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Lie To You by J. Culture (Justin Cepeda)

*verse 1*
I got my whiskey, you got your wine,
You say you’re good, so I’m doing fine,
even though I know that’s just a lie.
You say your happy, well, I am, too,
You don’t need me, so I don’t need you,
But I know in my heart that not true.

*intro to chorus*
I’m not broken deep inside,
I don’t cry at night,
You don’t cross my mind at inconvenient times.

You call me out when I called your phone, When I-
needed you most, you left me alone,
Why should I trust you anymore,
You tell me lies instead of the truth,
Wanna play games, then I’ll play, too
I have only one thing to say to you,
Would I lie to you?

*verse 2*
I saw a future you didn’t see,
I know that it is hard to believe
the one who had the most to lose was me.
Remember all the gifts that I gave,
The love and promises that I made,
But when it came to you, it’s not the same,

*intro to chorus*


I can’t tell the truth,
it’s all I can do,
but it won’t work for you,
Honestly, I’d be ashamed,
if you only knew…

*second intro to chorus*
that I’m broken deep inside,
It’s hard to sleep at night,
And you cross my mind at inconvenient times.


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