Lies In The Dark

by Sondra Toscano

Genre: Singer-Songwriter



You told me that you loved me; you told me that we’d never be apart
You said you couldn’t live without me, but those were just lies in the dark.
You said I was your tomorrow; you said I would be your wife
You told me you were lost in love, and that I was your whole life.

Lying in the darkness, snuggled in your arms
I felt safe, but I was never safe from your charms
All those whispered promises were only pillow talk
I breathed them in like country air on an early evening walk.

Lies in the dark … back then
Lies in the dark … I believed them every time
Lies in the dark … ‘till when
Will I … be holdin’ onto … every one of your … lies in the dark?

So I’m left with nothing, but a burning love inside
I can’t get my mind to make my heart toss the feelings aside
Your empty words, beguiling; I let them carry me away
With no actions to back them, they led me to a place I couldn’t stay.

I didn’t wanna see that you were using me that way.

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, I’m finding it so hard to pull myself away.

Lies in the dark … again
Lies in the dark, they repeat within my mind
Lies in the dark … pretend
To be the truth … but they’re really only … just … lies in the dark.
To be the truth … but they’re really only … lies in the dark.

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