Light of Love

by Ty Roberts nd Bill Hines

Genre: Rock


Children in the darkness, oh so cold,
Innocent, forgiving, hearts of gold,
Light in our souls will make them whole.
How they gonna know if my story is not told?

You are a superstar want-to be,
When you leave you think you’ll be free,
You only want to get a way from me,
¬Cause I’m not the one you want me to be.

I need the Light of Love to shine on me,.
Take these chains of bondage away from me,
Give me the strength to stay on the path that’s made for me,
Please be the light that shines the way for me,
Let there be life in my soul- I need to say,
I need to say. I need to say-

I always run a- way from fame,
But you can’t live without playin’ that game,
On down the road it won’t be the same,
Cause you won’t have me to blame.


You are leaving me for dreams that are not real,
You want me to go with you and forget how I feel,
My life’s been all about telling your story,
But you can’t live without your own glory.

I can’t give what you want from me,
This is the only way I want to be,
To live for Love is to be free,
It is the only way for me.

I can’t give you what you want from me,
This is the only way I want to be,
Living for love’s the way to be free,
Can’t let this freedom get away from me.


[Chorus melody]

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