Like Your Hero

by Paul Kloschinsky

Genre: Singer-Songwriter


Like Your Hero

Talk to me,
Tell me all your crazy dreams baby
Walk with me
To where the woodlands hide the streams and
Rock with me
Till the midnight angel screams
And we’ll be all we can be
And I’ll help you live your dreams
Like Your Hero

Can you see it clear
Exactly what I feel when I hold you near
Its something very real and let go your fear
And let my love be your shield
And away we shall steal
And I’ll help your wounds heal
Like Your Hero

I’’ll take this sword in my hand
And slay the beasts that lie between
me and you
And free the love thats latent
Beneath your breast that I know
Will be true

The time has come
To take you by the hand
And to join the young
In their happy midnight dance
And to have some fun
As the moonlight strikes the land
And the ocean pounds the sand
And I’ll love you all I can
Like Your Hero

Is it the time for me
To reveal what I feel
So that you can see
When you strip away and peel
All my heart conceals
When its naked and reveals
How my love you did steal
And before you I would kneel
Like You hero

Like a knight in armour

I’ll defend all we have to share
You and me
And carve a path that leads
From our hearts to the shores
Of ecstasy

If I could lose these chains
The shackle me in this cell
Where I’m full of pain
Not knowing why I’m in hell
So that I can’t obtain
The freedom so I can tell
How I’d like to ring your bell
Cause you make my heart swell
Like Your Hero

As the sparrow flies
Atop the tops of the trees
As here we do lie
Trying to find some peace to feel
Before we die
And as the sun rises in the east
And we long for release
But held together we’re complete
Like I’m Your Hero

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