List of Books

by Chris Morgan

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Will you stop those looks if I put down my list of books and just shut my mouth for a while?
Can I steal a kiss from that moment that I missed
when I just sat and watched you smile?
I know I was remiss asking what’s the point of this, I need to get outside my head.
Despite what I mistook and the times that I forsook somehow you still haven’t fled.

I knew you for too long before I ever knew your song but now I sing it on the hour.
I’d like to sing you mine, if I could just strengthen my spine, but for now i sing it in the shower.
I’m breaking down the wall that together we built tall, but now you say you left a door.
All of my hard work like my cocky little smirk you’d do best to just ignore.

We’re in the same place, now it’s time to stop the race
this was nothing that I planned.
It’s written on your face you remember broken grace
and I just want to hold your hand.
This is just today and I know we can delay
any thought of what this means.
When you want to talk I will be there for that walk
we’ll learn how to play those scenes.

I know my voice might shake it’s a symptom of the ache
that I think we both know well.
So let’s walk to the lake and say things we cannot fake
I could use a happy spell.
You think it’s too soon, wrote it on a balloon
and floated it from where you fell.
But if you take my hand we can walk across this sand
we both could use a happy spell.
So come on take my hand, let us walk across this land, we both could use a happy spell.

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