Little Ol Country Song

by Jonathan Ditto

Genre: Christian


Im just trying to shake intro—
the past
so I can move along
So I wrote it all
down in this
This little old country song

“Little (ol) Country Song”

All those people tried to help me
I could only help myself
To Whatever I wanted
Put all my friends up on the shelf

loosing track of time or
lost track of time
records spinning always spinning on my mind

Many of them said
it could never be done
For a while I believed them
For a while they won
as the sun day broke
on a high mountain plain
out came that ol guitar
and a

“Little oL Country Song”

I was rattled in the winds of change
I was a knocking at the door
I was searching for the light
I was laying down
and banging on the floor

Trying to get my mind right
Making sure I do it tight share the light

Then a voice came over me
Louder than any other (before)
holiest I ever heard
Said boy you better start

singing and sharing them words
Cus I don’t give to anyone
These gifts I gave to you
Get out there and do all you can
to spread the Good News
Right what is what is wrong
and make sure you turn up loud that

“Littlel OL Country Song”

So listen to your heart
and push on through.
Sing it loud and sing it proud
Do the best that you can do
just before you got to bed
in the morning when you rise
Put your hands up in the air
When you see the tide rise

or sitting on the tailgate with your
rusty ol dog just a howling at the moon

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