Little Wolf

by Bob Dee; Ward Parker

Genre: Pop


Hey little wolf I know you like the taste of danger.
The way you roll your tongue across your lips might scare a stranger.
But I just stand there mesmerized,
My head begins to swoon.
Your eyes don’t cease to tantalize me,
In between the shadows of the moon.

I don’t know what it is you do to me,
That keeps me wrapped up in this mystery.
The power you posses is dangerous I know.
The spell I’m under is compelling me to show.
I don’t know what this all will bring to me,
Now that you stirred up this wild thing in me.

Hey little wolf…..

I will come ‘neath the cover of the night.
I trust your kiss will be as potent as your bite.
And I’ll drive through the bitter cold and snow.
I’ll be there beside you when the wicked wind will blow.
I know your love is undefined for me,
But that’s okay cause it’s all fine with me.

Hey little wolf…..

I will be free.
I will be me.
No telling what we’ll see,
In between the shadows of the moon
I won’t be long.
We can’t be wrong.
And we’ll sing our song,
In between the shadows of the moon

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