Living in the Key of G

by Mike Aube

Genre: Folk


(Chorus) I’m playing in the key of G, ‘cause that’s the peoples’ key
All you need for most folk songs is a G and a C and a D
I just threw an A in there to give it a little flair
But believe you me, all you really need is a G and a C and a D

Yeah, the G and C and D is all the chords you’ll need
To play the Margaritaville or the Me and My Bobby McGee
Most of John Prine’s repertoire is written in the key of G
Yeah, the Joker, Gambler, the Midnight Rambler, all livin’ in the key of G


This banjo that I’m pickin’ here is tuned to an open G
Means I can take my left hand off and still be playing in key
All those fancy bluegrass pickers, that play with lightning speed
Don’t let ‘em know I told you so, but they’re usually in the key of G


Bob Dylan’s blowin’ in the wind with a banjo on his knee
Johnny Cash finally cashed his chips, but Willie’s still smokin’ weed
They all made a million bucks singing songs for you and me
But I’ll bet y’all a million more, most of them were in the key of G


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