(London) Stop, Drop, & Roll

by Corey William Schneider

Genre: Rock


(London) Stop, Drop, and Roll

London, stop, drop, and roll

Verse 1
Sunday is the Monday for the shirt and tie of the week
Kindly showed through blindly all the hidden spots they don’t see
Followed, through the narrow streets by the eyes that don’t ever blink
Back door is the main door in this town with no privacy


Verse 2
One day got the relay, to fight back and stop the machine
Half way down the alley, I have found more souls than I need
Step one, don’t tell no one, unless they come with arms packing heat
Finally got the army to put an end to spies on our streets


Verse 3
Turn your tanks around (don’t try me) put your weapons down(don’t try me)
hear the people shout to bring this town to order
words are safe for now (come find me) life is normal now (come find me)
smiles all around you got a message for me

B part
London’s on fire with the water running out, not from the battles but the people who can shout
London is calling me with seconds till their done, London is hoping I can keep the fire going strong

Chorus Alt.
Let’s just stop, drop, and roll. This city’s out of control

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