Long Distance Carol

by Justin K. Rivers

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


Hey it’s great to hear from you
Got your message just last week
Sorry that I didn’t call you back
But things have been so busy
She’s got a cold and I’m just beat
And yeah, the doctor said it’s fine
I’m unwinding by the radio
With a screwtop Christmas wine

We just had the reunion
I’m sorry you couldn’t go
But I guess that’s because you’d have to fly
A thousand miles or so
You know, she still looks beautiful
After all the years and kids
She’s on her own but I think it’s good
You left when you did
Cause a bunch more got laid off last week
So there’ll be no Christmas pay
I’m baking cookies tomorrow
So we’ll have something Christmas day

I wanted to come and visit
Though it’s a big expense
And I can’t leave now cause the pipes would freeze
This winter has been tense
They raised the price for furnace oil
Jim’s back ain’t so good
So he don’t have that extra cash
From chopping firewood

So what have you been up to?
No, I’ve never heard that name
Somehow you seem so different
But you still sound the same
I’ll have to go real soon
We’re going to the old house Christmas Eve
Mom’s ok I think but Dad will drink
He won’t wake up till we leave

I hope that Christmas treats you kindly
And the New Year finds you well
I’ll talk to you again next year
No, that’s ok, really – I could tell

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