Love Came By Sundown

by Casey Hash & Randolph Walker

Genre: Pop


Love Came By Sundown

Met a boy with a free flair, gold in his voice and wind in his hair
I was headed for nowhere, in chains you couldn’t see.
I hung around him hoping to be found, Soft as a child he laid me down.
Slow as the hour hand creeps around, he taught me to be free

Love came by sundown, bright as the jewels in a king’s crown.
Born in the sunlight, kissed by a shadow, where do we go from here.

All that summer we ran through the fields, Chasing the sun with flying heels.
Gently as a pickpocket steals, We took love’s key
Bright as the heavens, dark as the earth, sweet were the days of love’s new birth.
Still I wondered who would be first, The first one to leave.


Fly away, fly away with your muse.
Don’t let love matter, don’t let love close, keep it loose.
Play it cool, never dream, Love’s just in fairy tales, it’s never what it seems


When I get up in the morning I wonder
What fate holds in store for me and him
Is the secret held in the depths of the mirror
where do we go from here, where do we go from here
where do we go?


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