Love Divine

by Kelly Garland

Genre: Pop


LOVE DIVINE by Kelly Garland ©

You just say the word and I will follow
Anywhere that you go
Over seven seas and far countries
Through desert, wind and snow
I can hear the calling of your heart beckoning to mine
And the sun will shine
And our lives combine
Feel this love divine

With these wings I’d soar above the clouds
And travel each road you take
You may feel alone and far from home
But wherever you navigate
I will whisper your name upon the breeze sending you a sign
And the stars align
And our hearts entwine
Feel this love divine

Open your heart to me, confess the secrets that you hide
For the world is a cruel place no need to keep it all inside
Life can serve you ups and downs. There’s nothing you can do
So trust in yourself, you’re never alone, I am with you.

If you say the word you know I’ll follow
Anywhere you tread
Through the flowering trees, the autumn leaves
And the flowing river bed
I will take your hand within my own then we’ll define
Our grand design
Knowing that you’re mine
Feel this love divine

Trust in yourself, you’re never alone, I am with you
Feel this love divine.

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