by Charlotte Sands/Bonnie Warren

Genre: Americana/Country


Charlotte Sands/ Bonnie Warren (BW – 615-636-3609) 2014

Guys in big cities
With their fast cars
You know they aren’t my type
You’re a small town
With a big heart
I know hat’s tough to find
From your first kiss, my lips didn’t want to say goodnight
You know what I like
(or: You’re readin’my mind)

Or …. Didn’t want to say goodbye
so let’s start the/our night

Let’s / We’ll take it slow like a midnight train
Riding from Georgia to Alabama in a steady rain
Then we can turn back around again
When it comes to lovin
I want u to love me southern

We can lay here
All morning
Without any plans
Make your down home Tenneessee drawl come alive in your hands
You know how to show me that you care
I ain’t running anywhere

CHORUS: repeat

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