Ma petite chanson parisienne

by Magali Michaut, Patrick Rydman

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


I am discovering the city on my bicycle
And from the saddle I find Paris truly magical
I make my way along the Seine
The bateau mouche, the Moulin Rouge, the Paris plage
The smell of croissants freshly baked in the boulangerie
Just like in movies from the sixties, I am fancy free
Hear the musette play Alouette
I’m feeling Frencher by the day, c’est chouette!
I stop to smell the flowers beneath the Eiffel Tower
When I check my watch, I have been gone for hours
I need to find a place where I can get a bite
Quick and cheap, ’cause money’s tight
And as the sun is setting, I am on the move again
Where will I sleep tonight
And rest my head – the gutter or a bed?
I’m feeling full as I am finishing my jambon-beurre
And suddenly I catch a glimpse of a familiar girl
We had a thing, a silly fling,
I think it ended in Place Clichy in the spring
I know I handled it quite badly when I said goodbye
I left a note because I didn’t want to see her cry
I guess I broke her Sacré Coeur,
But then again, she doesn’t seem that hurt
And now she looks my way, I don’t know what to say
But she smiles at me, it seems that we’re OK
We share a bottle and socialize
Then head back home, just like old times
And as the sun is rising she is lying next to me
I put the coffee on and hum along my little Paris song
Ma petite chanson parisienne
Ma petite brunette parisienne
Ma petite chanson parisienne

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