Making the Grade

by Matthew Long

Genre: Folk


I know you’re worried for the future Mrs. Ahles
but, I don’t want to make your daughter cry
I’m a kid growing up, and I’ll work hard
for what I’m not gonna give up on.

I just wanna make it worth your while.
I just wanna see it all work out.

I’ll abide by the rules and restrictions
and I’ll try my best to have her home on time
I’ll help out around the house, if you need,
and I don’t care what you think of me.

And I just wanna make it all worth while,
and Ijust wanna see it all work out’
I just wanna make it all worth while,
I just wanna make it.

I’m obsessed with making the grade
that most would see as no big deal.
But I don’t wanna be just some other boy
with some other past.
I just want things to last.

Mr. Ahles, we have nothing in common,
but i promise that I’ll be sure to treat your daughter right.
All these years full of loss and regret,
and I’m tired of making a mess, of things.

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