by Rhett May

Genre: Rock


Mama likes to drink and smoke & party all night long,
She & papa like their ice & coke,
They rage from dusk till dawn.
When they crash I lie awake…dependant on my mama,
I gasp I squirm….I ache I burn,
Helpless inside my mama.

Mama doesn’t eat fresh food,won’t take her vitamin pills,
She’s tricked papa into fatherhood,
Now she steals to pay his bills.
I think there’s someone here with me, dependant on my mama,
There are two of us…God help us both,
Helpless inside my mama.

What about us mama…what about us …mama
Don’t forget we’re still inside you.
Don’t forget we share the same blood as you.

Why us…we are the innocent…
Why us…we are the innocent…one’s.

Can’t breathe mama…can’t breathe …mama
Don’t forget we’re still inside you
Still inside your tiny womb
MMMMM we’re sixteen weeks and not much room
Mama stop…Mama Stop…Mama stop….don’t use that..
Don’t use that harpoon…

No No No No NoNo…No No No No No No

Woooo….No No No No No No…don’t use that harpoon

No No No No No No don’t use that harpoon…..

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