Marsy Flame – jenny

by Marsy Flame

Genre: Rock


Jenny is a working class girl from a town
Studying hard
And Mama’s so proud
Saving money for a childhood dream
18’s old, a little naive
But sometimes things change
Jenny wanna play in a big city game
She said: Mama don’t cry
I’ll be good, bye bye

And after 6 years of rock and roll
She is a night dancer in club for adults
Everything changed, illusions are gone
Finished her shift, there’s nobody to drive her back home
Oh, Standing, by the window, she cries all alone
Sometimes, she looks at sky
Wondering how mama lives on that side
Good girl gone bad, her mother cries
And she can no longer to look into her eyes
But Jenny has a dream
American dream
Oh Isn’t that girl a little naive?
A little naïve, a little naïve… oh
Verse 3
Jenny only wanted to be a good girl
her mothers pride and a little joy
her heart is on fire, ,noone to love
sick and tired, wanna go home
Oh Jenny don’t cry,don’t cry, you’ll be good, all right
There’s so many ways you can go, whatever you chose you still have a home

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