Matter To You

by Gail Swanson

Genre: Pop


Matter to You
Music and Lyrics by Gail Swanson © 2009

It’s not the end of the world you forgot my birthday
But I stayed up all night in case you called
I worked up my nerve to hear your latest alibi
And I dialed your number, I got your number
You weren’t even home to lie.


I just wanna matter to you Baby
No one likes to feel invisible
And I don’t think you’ve seen me for a long time
I just wanna matter to you Baby
No one likes to count for nothing
From now on the heart I count on in mine.
I keep on trying but deep down I know
There’s no sense in crying on a shoulder so cold
One day you’ll wonder after I’m gone
Why you feel a hunger, yeah love is a hunger
To mean everything to someone


Tell me what changed inside your heart
Don’t leave me guessing, its tearing me apart
I’m not gonna stay here forever
Just waiting to feel like you care
I’m bearing my heart here.


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