Mendocino Sunrise

by Ynana Rose

Genre: Folk/Acoustic



Fog comes rollin? into the headlands of my heart
I come to the ocean with my sorrow in the dark
I hear your voice in the motion of the tides
And I wait for the painted skies of a Mendocino sunrise

Darkness unravels from the east to the west
Ringing with the laughter of a morning blessed
Your spirit on the wind blows a kiss as it flies
Above the painted skies of a Mendocino sunrise

I love, I lose, I breathe, I pray
I love, I lose, I breathe

Color surrounds me & the choir begins
I am one with the blackbird, the sparrow & the wren
Surrendering to the mystery that lies
Beyond the painted skies of a Mendocino sunrise

? 2017 Ynana Rose

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Community Responses to Mendocino Sunrise

  1. Really love everything about this song. The feeling takes me to a high desert, feels like it could be in a movie soundtrack. Beautiful lyrics and harmonies.