Mexicali Funk

by John Beattie, Lloyd Haylock, Mike Williamson

Genre: Rock


Woke up, forgot where I was, and I still have a buzz. Look to my left, who the hell is this? Was there something that I missed? Look to my right, what I sight! What the hell did I do last night? The whole is full of bottles, and those two could be models. My head is pounding and my throat is dry, I can barely open my eyes. Where did this tattoo come from? Roses flanked by two smoking guns.

Here I am in a Mexican hotel, and things seem to be going so well. My head is pounding in a Mexican hotel, can’t remember much, but oh well. Drinking tequila in a Mexican hotel, in an hour I’ll be under Jose’s spell. Wasting my life in a Mexican hotel, seems like fun, but it’s a living hell.

Got here about eight months ago, and life sometimes goes so slow. I ran from the San Fernando valley, fast living almost damn near had me. Down here they dont care what I do, as long as Federali gets a dollar or two. Mexicali seems to be the place for me, only ’cause it has to be. It’s OK, I’m still having fun, getting drunk and living on the run.


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