Motel 6

by Jonathan Vassar

Genre: Folk/Acoustic


At two o’clock the bars all closed,
I met Mary at the Motel 6.
Two single beds in Baltimore.
With her lucky strike cigarette
she’s taking off her dress
and I’m taking my time.

“Take off your raincoat” she says
“why don’t you lie down next to me,
and please, if you have to go tonight,
wait till I’m asleep.”

I keep on my raincoat,
sit down on the other bed,
turn on the t.v., and choke
on the smoke of my cigarette.

“On second thought I’ve changed my mind”
she says.
“You better go right now.
When I’m around you I can’t stand myself
and half the time I’m thinking about someone else.
You just throw your weight around.
You’re so goddamn proud,
and you ain’t got nothing to be proud about.”

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